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Introducing Risk and Investigative Services Qld

At Risk and Investigative Services Queensland, we go beyond the role of investigators. Whereas we serve as your collaborative allies in uncovering the truth. Employing investigative prowess, steadfast integrity, and a commitment to tangible solutions, we provide a thorough, evidence-based outcome to any situation.

  • Bullying
  • Misconduct
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Whistleblower Allegations
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment

No matter the circumstance, Risk & Investigative Services Qld will provide you with a thorough independent investigation that will withstand scrutiny.

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Who is Risk & Investigative Services Qld

Who are we?

At Risk & Investigative Services Qld (RISQ), we specialise in providing organisations with expert external support to address workplace conduct issues. Specifically, our firm delivers affordable and compliant external workplace investigations, drawing on our extensive experience handling employee conduct complaints. We investigate bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, misconduct (such as timesheet fraud or theft), whistleblowing, and inappropriate behaviour.
Furthermore, when you engage RISQ, we assign you a dedicated investigator with our investigations manager overseeing every case. Also we understand the complexities and sensitivities within corporate and government organisations, and our professional services aim to establish the facts accurately and efficiently.
At Risk & Investigative Services Qld, our top priority is to build trust with our clients. We want you and your staff to feel secure and confident in our people and processes. Our approach ensures that all parties involved in the investigation, from complainants to witnesses and subject employees, are treated with the utmost fairness and respect. We also conduct investigations with a strong focus on minimising harm. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support you.

Misconduct at work? Risk & Investigative Services Qld - your partner in establishing the truth.

Why do you need Risk & Investigative Services?

Organisations need independent workplace investigation services for several essential reasons. Firstly, these services help handle complaints and allegations such as harassment, discrimination, workplace bullying, and ethical violations. By addressing these issues, companies can ensure compliance with industrial relations laws, regulations, and internal policies, thereby maintaining workplace integrity and promoting fair treatment and transparency.

Additionally, workplace investigation services are a key component of risk management. Thorough investigations can mitigate legal risks, prevent financial penalties, and safeguard the organization’s reputation. They also play a crucial role in conflict resolution, helping to resolve internal disputes and instances of misconduct.

Workplace investigation services have a significant impact on employee morale and retention. By fostering a trusting environment where employees feel safe to report issues, organisations can improve retention rates and overall workplace satisfaction. Investigation services also offer objective fact-finding and evidence collection, which are essential for making informed decisions and supporting legal or disciplinary actions.

The insights gained from investigations can be used to improve workplace policies and identify areas needing additional training or awareness programs. In times of crisis, these services promptly respond to sensitive situations, minimizing disruption and impact.

In conclusion, workplace investigation services ensure that organizations maintain a fair, compliant, and safe working environment, which is vital for the organization’s health and success.

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We understand the importance of a timely resolution to complaints.

Why you should choose Risk and Investigative Services Qld?

01 - Specialist Investigators

Experienced in workplace bullying, harassment, misconduct, fraud & corruption investigations.

02 - Professional Membership - AIPI & AWI

Australian Institute of Professional Investigators and the Association of Workplace Investigators.

03 - Licensed Experienced Investigators

Ex-government and law enforcement professionals fully licensed with Office of Fair Trading Queensland.